The Making of a Malt House - 6107 Carnegie Avenue

Since we bagged our first batch of malt on January 1, 2016, we can't helped but reflect on the blood, sweat, and tears it took to demolish and rehab a good portion of our building's interior over the past several months. Never have we been so filthy, exhausted, and happy. Thanks - as always - to our friends and family for their help and support. Come visit us! In the meantime, you can feel our pain here

First day at 6107. Where to start?!

First day at 6107. Where to start?!


Everyone Watch Out!

Brenda Kim Stops Traffic 2015-9-22-15:36:57

Brenda Kim Stops Traffic

Not a dance troupe - mason's extraordinaire 2015-9-22-15:33:49

Not a dance troupe - mason's extraordinaire

City of Cleveland Water Crew 2015-9-22-15:33:5

The NEORSD/City of Cleveland allowed us to start fresh.

6107 Carnegie

6107 Carnegie in its primordial state.


No filters applied here - this is what sandblasting the walls and ceilings of a 100+ year old building looks like.

Christian Freer

Christian Freer worked all summer long on the demolition of 6107.


Ceilings were sandblasted, then painted in the storage room.

Haus Malts Under Construction

Haus Malts under construction

Jim Herendeen

Believe it or not, Jim Herendeen spent two weeks of his "vacation" bulldozing and sandblasting at 6107.

6107 Carnegie

6107 Carnegie: a diamond in the rough...

Color Consultation

Erica Weiss and Jill Schumacher lent their artful eyes to our project.

Joan Painting 2015-9-22-15:32:24

Joan the Painter.

American Gothic a la Haus Malts

American Gothic a la Haus Malts. The paint fumes may have gotten to Craig and Joan

Our masons hard at work

Masons Jose Cruz and his team are incredibly strong and hard working.

Insulation for the germinating room

Insulation for the germinating room


Our very own power pole named "Sparky". Thanks Cleveland Public Power (and Chris Fiorello).

Tons and tons of wire

Tons and tons of wire which , thankfully, we were able to recycle.

2015-07-28 11.57.12

Steel beams coming down

2015-07-22 16.54.45

6107 Carnegie under construction

2015-06-08 16.17.53

Destruction: the walls come crumblin' down.


Counselor? This lawyer is not afraid to get his hands dirty.


Andrew and Patrick Martahus, always in it together. Yes, they are twins!


Destruction Crew! Patrick, Craig, Sanket, and Andrew.

Mezzanine's gotta go...

Mezzanine's gotta go...

2015-04-24 11.48.56

Craig making malt in Manitoba

2015-03-24 11.02.19_edited

Nothing beats a forklift

Andrew's home made kiln

Andrew's home made kiln (in his amateur days).

2015-02-17 18.03.14_edited

Andrew's home made malt system

Andrew directing traffic on Carnegie

Andrew directing traffic on Carnegie for our first barley inventory from Presque Isle, Maine!

The first of three semi's of barley

The first of three semi's of barley from Presque Isle, Maine.

The Kim's provide sustenance

Brenda, Moonsook, and Scott Kim provide sustenance.

Water tank delivery

Water tank delivery.The smaller of the two will be used as a steady source of pure water for the soaking tank.We're gonna need a bigger door...

Kiln and Soaking Tank Fabricators

Mark Storey and Bryan Radcliffe of Berrington Pumps, Avon, Ohio fabricated the kiln and soaking tank.

Craig and Joan in the Kiln

Craig and Joan inspecting the grain kiln custom designed and fabricated for Haus Malts by Berrington Pumps, Avon, Ohio

John Hastings

Inspector John C. Hastings