Sprouted Grains


Sprouted grains are simply whole grains that are in the state between a seed and a full-fledged plant. For the seed to grow to the next level, it digests some of its own starch and uses that fuel to break through the grains outer husk. Haus Malts soaks the grains to just the right time, temperature, and moisture level so that the seeds will sprout. That sprouted grain could then be used in food products such as bread and crackers.











If you were to Google “health benefits of sprouted grain” you’d see that there is quite a lot of intriguing information out there that suggests that sprouted grains are healthier for you. The theory goes that since the sprouted grain is lower in starch, it has higher levels of other proteins, vitamins, and mineral relative to an unsprouted grain. It also is said that a naturally cracked seed exterior renders these grains easier to digest. Certainly sprouted and whole grains are healthier alternatives to refined grains.


If any bakers would like to discuss how we could provide sprouted grains for you, please contact Andrew Martahus.