SHOUT OUTS! We would like to thank the many people who have supported us in our start-up. In no particular order: 
  • The Haus Malts Advisory Board: Tom Conlon, Vivienne Conlon, Gail Goldfarb, Howard Mandel and Dave Neuendorfer: Thank you each for your guidance, feedback, and suggestions. We will no doubt need much more of the same as we proceed on this exciting journey.

  • Hirzel Farms: Lou, a huge thank you for all your guidance on seed cleaning, grain storage, equipment selection, etc. You have helped us in so many ways.

  • Mennel Milling Company: Thank you for your confidence in us. We greatly value our relationship.

  • Andy Tveekrem of Nano Brew in Cleveland: Andy, thank you for your early and steady support. We are very grateful.

  • Cleveland Craft Brewers: Thank you for your encouraging words and feedback as we floated the concept of a craft malt house here in town. We are excited to collaborate with you in developing really special beer. 

  • David Maison of Wolfe Maison: Our architect extraordinaire. David, thank you so much for your patient guidance on our renovation.

  • Paul Mills of Mills Custom Woodworks: Thank you, Paul, for quarterbacking our renovation project and for introducing us to a great team of tradesmen. You’re a good man.

  •  Jim Radcliffe, Bryan Radcliffe, and Mark Storey at Berrington Pumps. Thank you for seeing us through the design and fabrication of our specialized equipment.

  • Pete Ludwig at Sherwin Williams: If you need commercial paints, Pete is your man. Thank you for guiding us through the complicated process of selecting paint and the correct method of application.

  • Brian Dumski: A special thank you to an extremely talented and hardworking electrician. You took real ownership of our project and we really appreciate your efforts.

  • Our work crew: A number of people pitched in and provided the manual labor we need to complete our renovations. A special thank you to Christian Freer and Connor Siwik, who endured days of demo, sandblasting, painting, prep., etc. Thank you to Jim Herendeen for really putting in a “working vacation”; your two weeks with us really mattered. Thank you to Terry Conlon, Eian Katz and Leo Katz. Patrick Martahus, thanks for lending some muscle to the project and, more importantly, listening to endless details about the renovation process and steadfastly providing moral support for the whole plan.

  • Erica Weiss and Jill Schumacher: Thanks for your enthusiasm and help in selecting colors for our building. It’s great to have artistic friends like you.

  • Thompson Hine LLP: The best law firm around. Special thanks to Devin Barry, Cathryn Greenwald, and Heather Austinfor your help in acquiring our building.

  •  Jose Cruz: Thanks to you, your sons and the rest of your crew for the beautiful masonry work you handled in our building. 

  • FPT Scrap Yard: Thanks to Al for showing us the ropes. It was important to us that we recycle as much salvage from the building as possible, and you certainly made it interesting!

  • Cleveland Public Power: Thank you to Chris Fiorello and the large crew at CPP that promptly upgraded our electrical service. You guys did a great job.

  • Instructors and fellow students at the Farmhouse Brewery seminar. Thank you, Natalie and Marty Mattrazzo, for setting the right tone of how our small industry should work. Marty, we still dream of your dinglebock. 

  • Thanks also to the Canadian Malt Barley Technical Center and particularly, Dr. Yueshu Li and Peter Watts. Your two week seminar was invaluable. Ryan - thanks for growing Full Pint for us. 

  • Riverbend Malts: Thank you to Brent Manning and Brian Simpson. The tour we took of your facility last Fall was pivotal to our project. Your openness and suggestions inspired us to move forward with Haus Malts. Come visit us!

  • Maddie Toth: thanks for designing our logo. Good luck with your continued studies at the Cleveland Insititute of Art. 

  • Dr. Eric Stockinger of the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center of The Ohio State University: Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us about growing grains in Ohio.

  • Friends/Family/Visitors: Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and for putting up with our excruciating updates and obsessive chatter. You helped us get over tough spots – like 14 days of sandblasting.

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