What Haus Malts Will Do For You

With the hand-crafted production of high quality malts, Haus Malts can deliver these values to the Great Lakes Region's commercial craft brewer market:


Collaborate to Create Custom Raw Materials. Brewmasters need to be able to differentiate their products from others. One way to achieve this differentiation is to use unique styles of malt that are not currently available on the market. Craft brewmasters are artisans; you like to experiment, tinker, and innovate. Since Haus Malts will be running a batch operation, we can offer customized products.


Help You Keep It Local. Many craft brewers serve, and are supported by, a very local market. On the consumer end, the farm to table movement is not likely to wane, nor is the notion of reducing your carbon footprint by purchasing raw materials locally. Our mere presence in the Cleveland-Great Lakes area, together with an Ohio based agricultural supply chain, makes our malt “local”.


Provide Freshness. Haus Malts is able to supply extremely fresh product as a small, local market supplier. Brewmasters now have little idea when the malt they are using was produced. With Haus Malts, you will know when and where your grains were sourced.


Allow for Deeper Product Identification. Different types of barley and wheat are currently used to produce malt. Brewmasters typically distinguish between 6-row and 2-row barley (6-row and 2-row refer to the number of rows of grain around the barley stalk), with 2-row being preferred. Brewmasters often do not know the specific variety of barley used to produce the malt. Haus Malts is able to segregate and distinguish our raw grains so that we can produce boutique varietal malts. This deeper level of product specification can enhance the brew house’s marketing efforts to offer a truly unique, signature beer.


Create Proprietary Blends. Haus Malts will actively engage with you to develop customized and, perhaps, proprietary products/blends.  We are committed to working with you on an open and experimental basis to help you find the unique taste profiles that you want.


Add to the Mystique of Terroire. The distinct sourcing of grains will enable brewmasters to appreciate and share the “terroire” of specific malts. We believe this product identification will resonate with your consumers. Many market watchers have commented that the craft beer market in the U.S. today is what the California wine market was in the 1970’s. Back then, California wine was often a blend of different varietals, but over time, customers learned to differentiate between Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Zinfandel. Eventually, customers wanted those varietals from specific vineyards.  Malt may not follow this exact pattern, but we believe that your customers will value more specifically identifiable products.

Superior Malt Will Make Your Beer Stand Out. Our finished product comes to the brewer in a very “clean” state – by that, we mean that we have taken great care to remove rootlets, broken kernels, and chaff. As a result, our malt performs very well in the brewing process and are customers are only paying for malt that enhances their product.

We really care about the beer that our malt produces. We have a personal stake in the finished product and stay in very close contact with the brewers throughout the process.