Malted Grain Products

The following malts are the "work horses" in our stable of offerings. Click on the bolded product names (e.g., "PILSNER") to review a Representative Certificate of Analysis for our malts. 

PILSNER: Haus Malts’ Pilsner is our lightest malt, characterized by light cracker and straw notes. Our Pilsner ferments very cleanly and is relatively low in protein and rich in flavor. Pilsner is a very versatile malt that can be used in any style of beer. Lovibond <2.

PALE: Haus Malts’ Pale is characterized by soft toast and cereal notes that yield a sweet finish. Our Pale is kilned at a slightly higher temperature than our Pilsner, rendering a more “bready” flavor. Pale malt is typically used in ales. Lovibond 2.0-2.5.

PALE ALE: Haus Malts' Pale Ale is a darker version of our pale malt. It has more pronounced malt and biscuit flavors with a mild note of nuttiness. Lovibond 2.5-4.0.

VIENNA: Haus Malts’ Vienna has a light bread taste and aroma, and produces a beautiful amber hue. Vienna is frequently used to add color to malt forward beers such as Bocks, Oktoberfest, and Helles. Lovibond 4.0-6.0.

MUNICH: Haus Malts’ Munich imparts a classic bread flavor and graham cracker aroma. Munich is prized for its rich, caramel flavor, with hints of toast and nuts. Lovibond 6.0-10.0.

SOFT RED WHEAT: Haus Malts’ Red Wheat produces a full body with a bready flavor and aroma. Red Wheat is an essential malt for German hefeweizens, dunkelweizens, and weizenbocks. Our Red Wheat also promotes head retention in many other styles of beer. Lovibond 3.0-4.5.

​SPELT: Spelt is a hard grained heirloom wheat that imparts a nutty flavor and aroma. Haus Malts’ Spelt makes a unique addition to saisons and German style beers.  

OATS: Malted hulled oats add body and a creamy texture to any beer like cloudy IPA or Oatmeal Stouts. The starch is almost melt in your mouth with a sweet, warm finish. They still have a significant level of diastatic power/enzyme content for conversion. The hull is thicker than barley and aids in lautering and sparging. Oats are naturally gluten-free and can be used to improve any gluten-free beer. Grown and malted in Ohio, USA.

TRITICALE: Triticale is a unique hybrid between wheat and rye. This variety of triticale leans more to the wheat side on brewing properties, so it doesn't gum up your lauter. This hybrid does not have a spicy rye character but provides more of a dark wheat to bready rye flavor. We have seen it used in saisons, hefeweizens, dunkels, and can be used in any beer that you want to add body and head retention. Grown and malted in Ohio, USA.

MILLET: A very small gluten-free grain that is a great base malt for any beer. Millet has a basic grain flavor with a little sweetness and light color. Grown in Colorado and malted in Ohio, USA.

SORGHUM:Most widely used gluten-free grain in the world. Provides a grainy flavor and a slight sour/tart taste that is unique to sorghum. It is a great base malt for any gluten-free beer because it is light in color but may need more time in the mash for complete conversion. Grown in Colorado and malted in Ohio, USA.

RYE: Rye is a great grain to add a unique spicy character to any beer. This variety of rye, barsetto, was grown in Ohio, has a uniform kernel size, moderate protein level, very flavorful, and even provides enzymes to help with starch conversion. Usually rye is only 10-20% of the grain bill, but can be used at higher rates if desired. Perfect for use in Pale Ales, IPAs, Roggenbeirs, and more. Grown and malted in Ohio, USA. Color: 5-8 srm Moisture: 3-6% FGDB Extract: 88-93% FAN: 200-260 mg/L DP: 100-140

CORN: Our malted corn is a gluten-free and non-gmo grain. It can be used in cream ales, American pilsners, or any gluten-free beer. Corn does not contain a significant amount of enzymes, so it should be used as a specialty grain and not the base malt. Grown and malted in Ohio, USA.

CARAMEL 20: This caramel has a strong sweetness with a mild caramel flavor. Our caramel 20 is produced using a standard kiln

CARAMEL 40: This caramel has a full caramel and toffee flavor. Our caramel 40 is produced using a standard kiln.

CARAMEL 60: This caramel has a intense caramel, dark stone fruit, and slight burnt sugar flavors. Our caramel 60 is produced using a standard kiln.

Signature Malts: Haus Malts is testing other grains and styles, such as caramels, rye, white wheat, smoked malt, and perhaps malted corn and oats to add our lineup. Please contact us if you are interested in malting other grains or if you want to work with us to develop a signature base malt. 

Contract Malting: Haus Malts has enjoyed malting grain grown for farm breweries or purchased directly from a farm. We would be happy to discuss this process for you if you have an interest.