Sources of Grains

One of the things we love most about this venture is coming to know the farmers and the land on which malt-quality grain is being grown for us. We are in awe of what farmers do, how hard they work, and the level of investment it takes to successfully farm these days.

High quality grain is a prerequisite for high quality malt. We have developed direct relationships with farmers to provide us with superior grains.

Haus Malts is currently sourcing the majority of its grains from farmers in Ohio: 


Scala Barley from Jeff and Sherri Gochnauer of Sugar Creek Valley Farm in Smithville, and Ron Snider of Pemberville.

Synergy/Quest Barley from Logan Brothers Farm in Kinsman. 


Wintmalt Barley from Ron Snider of Pemberville.

Maverick Spelt from Hirzel Farms in Luckey. 

Sunburst Red Wheat from Riker Farms of Bowling Green.