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Dr. Yeushu Li of CMBTC - the Malt Guru

French's - Wakemam

The spelt fields at French's Hybrids - Wakeman, Ohio.

Craig and Larry French

Craig with Larry French of French's Hybrids, Wakeman, Ohio. French's is a supplier of spelt for Haus Malts.

Back Yard Barley

Back yard barley, Shaker Heights, OH, Spring, 2015.

Consult with Dr. Eric Stockinger

Consult with Dr. Eric Stockinger. Dr. Stockinger is with the Department of Horticulture and Crop Sciences at the Ohio State University. Work continues to be done to develop optimal barley strains for Ohio growing conditions.

Synergy and Quest Barley Sowing

Synergy and Quest barley being sown and grown for Haus Malts at Logan Brothers farm (Joe and Tony Logan) in Kinsman, Ohio, April, 2015.

Full Pint Barley, Montana

Full Pint barley being grown for Haus Malts by Ryan Pfeifle in Vaughn, Montana, September, 2015.

Fields of Gold

Full Pint barley being grown for Haus Malts by Ryan Pfeifle in Vaughn, Montana.

Montana barley in late stage growth.
Andy Tveekrem and Andrew Martahus

Andy Tveekrem and Andrew Martahus. Andy is the brewmaster of Nano Brew on W. 25th in Cleveland. Andy and Andrew brewed a spelt-based ale called "Rust Belt Spelt" that was on tap at Nano Brew.

The first of 3 semi's of barley from Maine 2015-9-22-15:23:56

This barley was grown for Haus Malts by the Maine Potato Growers farming co-op in Presque Isle, Maine. Grain was delivered to us in these super sacks, each weighing two tons.

Petri Dish

Andrew the Chemist. Malt doesn't just happen!

The chemistry behind malting

The chemistry behind malting. Tests and measurements guarantee consistent results.