Hello, and welcome to Haus Malts. Haus Malts is a start-up business founded in 2015 by the father and son team of Andrew and Craig Martahus. We are located in the Midtown neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. Our goal and passion is to produce high quality malt for sale to commercial craft brewers in the Great Lakes/Midwestern region, as well as to makers of sprouted grain food products. 


Haus Malts is one of the first stand-alone craft malting facilities in Ohio, and is certainly the only malting facility in Cleveland since Prohibition. We do not make beer – we make malt, a key component of beer. The crafting of malt is labor intensive and personal. We love what we do, and we certainly love when our customers succeed in developing an extraordinary product.


While this website is intended to give you insight into Haus Malts, nothing will beat a one-on-one consultation. We very much appreciate your interest. Please let us know how we can collaborate. 


Andrew and Craig